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Interview with doctor Ahmed Elsaftawy, Chiroplastica


Interview with doctor Ahmed Elsaftawy, Chiroplastica

We visited Chiroplastica, an  aesthetic medicine clinic, where we had an opportunity to speak with dr Ahmed Elsaftawy- an established  plastic surgeon  and aesthetic medicine practitioner .   Please take a look at what he had to say.


Good morning Doctor, It's pleasure to be able to talk to you.

As it is for me.  It’s not easy to find some free time in our  clinic, but it can happen.

Chiroplastica is a very popular clinic in Wrocław, isn’t it? You have got a lot of patients.

We’ve put a lot of work and heart  into this place , together with our team. I’m very happy that our patients appreciate us  and  trust our experience. It gives us strength to work harder.

You are a well-known plastic surgeon, so could you tell us what kind of procedures you carry out in  Chiroplatica?

I carry perform typical surgeries everyday.-. Over the years,, we have broadened the scope of our services. That’s why the patient is spoilt for choice now, so to say.We are a medical centre - our main goal is to treat patients. We offer hand surgery, orthopedic surgery and general surgery. We also offer one day surgerywhich  is very common nowadays. As for the aesthetic medicine- we offerfacial and body plastic surgery, gynecology, aesthetic urology. Apart from corrective procedures against imperfections, we carry out breast enlargement with the use of breast implants, tissue fillers, aquafilling and different  kinds of liposuction. We can’t even list all of the treatments that we offer, so please visit our website - there is all the information about our doctors and procedures there.

Your clinic grows rapidly, as we found out-  you have just opened a new place in Wrocław, Chiroplastica Beauty Center? It’s a Spa and massage centre, but it also offers beauty treatments.

It’s the next step to provide our customers with the full service. Beauty Center offers its customers mesotherapy, rejuvenation with fractional laser, massages and SPA. We assist our patients in reducing their weight, even in cases of obesity that is resistant  to traditional methods. We use innovative methods against the fat tissue like Cryolipolysis, ultrasounds, everything for a perfect body. This place was created for sheer relaxation and pleasure.

Beside the wide range of your procedures your clinic offers,, you have been also offerin SAYEN dermocosmetics since last year. What drew your attention in our products?

The features and ingredients of the cosmetics are crucial to me .Low comedogenic and irritation scale of Sayen products was my main selection criterion. I often see  patients using cosmetics for sensitive skinwhich  produce irritatation and other undesirable results.  Sayen is different, as dermocosmetics are generally safer, with high efficiency at the same time.. Perfect combination of active ingredients created a line of very effective daily care dermocosmetics.. I also like the fact that Sayen products are presented in an approachable way which everybody understands. What makes a good cosmetic is the result, complicated name and a long description are secondary. I follow trends in cosmetics and see the growing popularity of our own Polish cosmetic companies. That’s why, when I saw Sayen for the first time, I was interested in learning what a new Polish brand could bring to my clinic.

We are  delighted that you appreciated Sayen dermocosmetics, Doctor. Do you use Sayen treatment sets in your clinic?

Of course. Since we opened a new branch - Chiroplastica BC, we have been recommending Sayen treatments  to our patients. They work miracles combined with other aesthetic therapies. I’m sure that patients will like them as daily face and body care products.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

Author: TS